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Aluminium Foil Sheet - Golden (60×200)

Aluminium Foil Sheet - Golden (60×200)

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  • Applicable to a variety of places such as cupboards, dining tables, drawers, stoves, etc.
  • Effectively prevent the invasion of moisture
  • Oil stains can be easily wiped with wet wipes
  • Inadvertently spilled soy sauce, grease, etc. cannot penetrate
  • The material is soft and has a protective effect on cabinets, appliances, drawers, etc.
  • It can be cropped, you can tailor it to different needs
  • The back of the aluminum foil can be glued, and can be pasted by tearing off the release paper when used.
  • Avoid wrinkles due to uneven coating
  • Size: 60x200cm
  • Material: PVC
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