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Professional Furniture Transport Lifter Tool Set Heavy Duty Stuffs Moving Hand Tool

Professional Furniture Transport Lifter Tool Set Heavy Duty Stuffs Moving Hand Tool

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Short Description:
Type: Lifter Tool
Origin: China
Material: Iron+ABS
Color: Red
Rollers Size: 10 x 8 x 3.2cm approx
Lifer Rod Size: 30.5cm /12 inches approx
Rotation: 360 Degree
PCs: 4 Rollers, 1 Lifting Rod

Product Description:
Ergonomically Design for Labor Saving: Put the four corners of your furniture on the furniture moving wheel pad, each wheel pad has 4 small wheels, can bear 150 kg/330 lbs, so that you can easily move furniture or weights.
The power cranes can only go straight, if you need to turn, you can insert your finger into the hole of the power crane and turn it in the desired direction.
Put the lifter under to furniture and lift it up(can lift your furniture to 2″ high), then let 4 pcs rollers into the 4 corners, so you can easily move your furniture or heavy objects to the place you want easily.
There are 8 wear-resistant small pulleys on a single pulley, which is strong and flexible.
The non-slip pad can rotate 360 ° with non-slip, making the handling process more labor-saving.
The crowbars rocker supports are raised and supported at a right angle of 90 ° to prevent dragging.
Made by durable steel body, PVC plastic spraying handle with the anti-slip design.
It is convenient to move the household like desks, beds, sofas and even more furniture, it also can be used on hard wood floors, laminates and carpet.
A good helper for cleaning your home.

What’s in the box: 1 x Lifter Tool Set

Weight: 1

SKU: 210127085625


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