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Ultra-Compact 1500mAh Keychain Power Bank For Android And Lightning

Ultra-Compact 1500mAh Keychain Power Bank For Android And Lightning

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Short Description:
Type: Keychain Emergency Charger
Origin: China
Model: T17
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Size: 70 x 40mm approx
Capacity: 1500mAh
Compatible With: Android and iOS devices
Input: Type-C

Product Description:
The keychain charger is a small and handy gadget that can give your phone or other USB devices a quick power boost when their batteries are low. It has a built-in battery of 1500mAh that you can recharge. This charger is tough and can handle being wet, dropped, or dusty, which makes it great for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

It’s easy to carry around because it’s small and comes with a clip that you can attach to your backpack or belt. You can even charge both the keychain charger and your device at the same time. It works with many different devices like iPhones, Android phones, wireless speakers, headphones, and other USB gadgets you might use outdoors.

One cool thing about this charger is that you don’t need to throw away batteries – you can just plug it into a regular USB port to recharge it. So, it’s not only practical but also good for the environment. Overall, it’s a great addition to your everyday stuff, making sure you’re ready for those times when your devices need some extra juice.

What’s in the box: 1 x Portable Charger, 1 x Keychain, 1 x Type-C Cable

Weight: 0.2

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